Arcae arises from José's vision and, in its 4th generation, we merge family tradition with the energy of young talents. Located in Xàtiva (Valencia), we are proud of our extensive export history and international sales experience. 

As a leader in the global casket market, we combine our deep-rooted values with innovation, maintaining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


At Arcae, our facilities extend over a large area of 20,000 m2, which gives us space for extensive mechanization. Together with our highly trained human team, we can achieve large-scale production and maintain a permanent stock of products.

Our products are subject to rigorous quality controls and incidents occur rarely. 

Furthermore, thanks to our efficiency, we can reduce delivery times. We have a fleet of trucks and we have established agreements with leading logistics companies in Spain, which allows us to have warehouses throughout the national territory.


Arcae, a Latin word for “ark.” From this word we can get the adjectives “secret, hidden” and the verb arcére “contain, keep”, like our coffins.

The manufacture of the coffins is 100% Spanish, always keeping the utmost care and dedication, in addition to using certified ecological products.

We have certifications for ecological products, and we also comply with the national regulations UNE 190001.2017, being certified by AENOR and AIDIMA. 

This demonstrates the great commitment to respecting the environment.

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